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Do you want to create a new career or improve your current profession cost-time-resource-effectively? Our faculty comprises academics and industrialists who design career-building courses around you. Join us in-class or online or both (blended learning) to follow our highly engaging and interactive practice-based mode of course delivery, without the need to put your current job on hold.

Successfully taking an innovative approach to tap into the human knowledge and available resources is key to national development. We are all deeply aware that lack of business entry strategies and facilities continue to force fresh university graduates to compromise their qualifications and aspirations by settling in job areas that are sometimes a departure from the personal goals they had set for themselves prior to graduation.


Our programmes are extensively internationalised to give you the global competence you need to compete both at home and abroad. If you are considering a lifetime of achievement and want to remain connected in the global market, I invite you to explore the various possibilities Flowers has to offer.


Every nation has the human resources and capacity to stimulate national growth by tapping into the knowledgebase of the graduate demographics. How do we help graduates to become employable; Start-Ups to succeed; and Spinouts to grow? This is where Flowers Global, a concept or body with business-biased autonomy status associated with the Institution, comes in to collaborate to help you realise your dream projects.



Mission Statement

Flowers School of Technology and Management is a unique tertiary institution built on the expertise, experience and skills of world renowned academics and administrators. Our students, staff and faculty are exposed to an academic and professional environment that enables them to achieve their maximum potential.

As a global institution, we are committed to motivating and supporting our learners to achieve their academic and professional goals. We live up to our mission and vision of giving back to society, by helping the underprivileged to gain access to quality tertiary education. We enrich relationships among learners and encourage them to make effective and significant contributions to their societies.

Strategic Collaboration

If you or your organisation is searching for the tools and resources and expertise to give you or your organisation the competitive edge you need to thrive and improve performance, then forging a collaborative partnership with Flowers is the ideal platform you’ve been searching for. Benefits include informed product analysis before manufacture, collaborative Research & Development, knowledge transfer, access to innovation, development of your business.

Giving Back: Social Responsibility

In academic collaborative partnership with international faculties and humanitarian organisations, Flowers seeks to extend education, capacity-building, self-development, professional development and self-empowerment to refugees and individuals from low wage backgrounds and developing countries who are in need of free training. This  helps refugees or the underprivileged to gain an increased awareness of the fundamental issues of democracy, entrepreneurship and leadership, and translate challenges into opportunities for the betterment of their communities.

I encourage you to make a decision to embark on a programme of study with us and you are guaranteed of a life-changing experience.

Prof. George K. Toworfe PhD, MInstP, SFHEA

Provost - Chief Academic Officer


Flowers Global -
innovation hub

Flowers Global - a business, science, technology, engineering and innovation hub - provides a supportive environment to encourage collaboration with technology-based start-up/spinouts, institutions and business entities, their well-established counterparts. Click to Learn more