Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: Keep Flowers & You Healthy

Committed to excellence and education, Flowers continues to encourage remote learning via our online learning platform. Whether we continue studying online, working remotely or in-class, we are all required to follow health and COVID-19 pandemic safety protocols on visit to the campus. Flowers will continue to place emphasis on blended and online learning to minimise in-person activities.


Bishop Samuel Mac-Canaan

Do you want to create a new career or improve your current profession cost-time-resource-effectively? Our faculty comprises academics and industrialists who design career-building courses around you. Join us in-class or online or both (blended learning) to follow our highly engaging and interactive practice-based mode of course delivery, without the need to put your current job on hold.

Successfully taking an innovative approach to tap into the human knowledge and available resources is key to national development. We are all deeply aware that lack of business entry strategies and facilities continue to force fresh graduates to compromise their academic qualifications and aspirations by settling in job areas that are sometimes a departure from the personal goals they had set for themselves prior to graduation.

I invite you to explore the ABE UK Professional Qualifications programmes that are extensively internationalised to give you the global competence you need to compete both at home and abroad. If you are considering a lifetime of achievement and want to remain connected in the global market, the ABE professional courses are structured to offer you various possibilities.

At Flowers, we invite and promote collaborative research, engineering and development of technology-driven innovative products and strategic business services. This enables knowledge transfer, global teaching and community development.


George K. Toworfe PhD, MPhil, MInstP, MIPEM, SFHEA

In order to satisfy customer’s requirements, organisations, businesses or individuals must identify key internal strengths and invest in the competitive capabilities required to create the value the customer expects. At the heart of this notion is a void revealed by organisation’s struggle to find the professional they need to occupy strategic roles.

Finding the candidate with the right professional skills is a major challenge businesses face. Among the many factors that contribute to skills gaps, i.e. the separation between core competencies and competitive capabilities, is access to affordable top career-builder training and professional enrichment courses. With each of our career-builder training, professional qualifications development (PQD) and continuing professional development programme designed around you or your organisation, you access unsurpassed learning opportunities to closing the skills gap to give you a competitive edge. With a variety of enrichment certificate courses in Business, Global Health Sciences, Healthcare, Humanities and Social Sciences, etc., you're not left behind.

We are not only committed to motivating and supporting our learners to achieve their academic and professional goals, but we also enrich relationships among learners and encourage them to make effective and significant contributions to their societies. I encourage you to explore our professional enrichment programmes to help drive your ambition forward.




Advancing Business Education


ABE Level 4, 5, 6 Diploma


ABE Level 4, 5, 6 Diploma


ABE Level 4, 5, 6 Diploma


ABE Level 3 Certificate


ABE Level 3 Certificate


ABE Level 3 Certificate


ABE Level 2 Award


ABE Level 2 Award

Essential digital short Certificate Courses for Industry 4.0 from an internationally-recognised skills specialist. Available 100% Online.