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Project Management




Do you want to be of the highest calibre in project management? Project Management is an in-demand tool and discipline and one of the fastest growing professions worldwide. The Diploma in Project Management features a wide range of project settings—from small-scale projects through to traditional large-scale industrial projects—in both service and the production industries. The course content equips you with the tools you need in today’s changing environment to strategically and successfully define, plan, and manage projects.




Understanding Project Management, structures and frameworks of project management, project organizations, strategy and project management, project definition and evolution, project design process, critical chain project management, cost and quality planning, plan analysis and risk management, management and leadership in the project domain, control of projects, supply chain management, problem-solving and decision-making, improving and managing project performance, estimating and allocating resources, evaluating and ending the project.




  • Project Management: Fundamentals

  • Project Management: Intermediate

  • Project Management: Advanced




The Advanced Certificate in Project Management course assumes no prior knowledge of the subject content. This course, which is cross-disciplinary in nature, is designed to equip the student to pursue a long-term career in Project Management in any industrial environment.


The course content is structured to help the course participant adequately prepare for subject-related professional examinations to enable qualification for professional affiliations.


Course Lead / Director - Business Development





Upon completion, the course participant will gain practical understanding and deeper insights in the implementation of the fundamental tools of Project Management as a core competence required for breaking down the chaos of overwhelming workload or projects into manageable components.


The course participant will gain the skills for: Planning, Scheduling and Controlling Projects Successfully; Planning and Managing Projects Successfully; Managing Projects in Developing Countries Successfully; Mastering and Executing Project Management in any Organisation.


Gaining a Diploma in Lean Engineering and Project Management at Flowers School of Technology and Management was one of the greatest accomplishments in my career life. The positive thing with online classes is that they allow you to have a flexible schedule and get assignments done in the comfort of your own home. I chose to take classes online because a complete commitment to a traditional classroom setting would be a hardship for my schedule (work, family & church activities).

I believe anyone can succeed in online classes as long as they stay organized and self-motivated. It is important to know from the first day of class what is required and when it is due. You also have to remember what inspired you to continue your education. I write my assignment due dates on my calendar and imagine myself walking across the stage at graduation with success.

With all the above experience I still found Flowers School of Technology and Management online school the best place for me and all who want to upgrade their career. My course instructor was also excellent in his duties towards my research and studies.

In fact gaining the double diploma-in-one has really enlightened my knowledge in Lean Engineering and Project Management and has brought me to this far with my career. 

I strongly recommend to anyone wanting to study and work at the same time to go in for online classes with Flowers School of Technology and Management.

Ishmael Ansah MSc, MBA, CPM
Project Engineer